ChatGPT use declines as users complain about ‘dumber’ answers, and the reason might be AI’s biggest threat for the future

ChatGPT, the AI chatbot developed by OpenAI, is reportedly losing momentum as users complain about a decline in the quality of its outputs. Traffic to the ChatGPT site has dropped by almost 10%, and downloads of the iOS app are also in decline, according to

and Sensor Tower. Users have described the recent performance of GPT-4, the more powerful model included in ChatGPT Plus, as “dumber” and “lazier” than before.

One user likened the experience to “driving a Ferrari for a month then suddenly it turns into a beaten up old pickup”. The AI community speculates that this could be due to a shift in OpenAI’s design ethos, breaking up the model into multiple smaller models trained in specific areas. Another potential issue is ‘AI cannibalism’, where AI models learn from content that was itself AI-generated, leading to a decline in output coherence and quality. This issue is discussed in more detail in this article on TechRadar.”

Posted by Jack Ryan-Phillips

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