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Data Study Group

DDRC is running a Data Study Group in collaboration with IDSAI

In association with The Alan Turing Institute, DDRC is running a Data Study Group, based on Streatham Campus at The University of Exeter. This is a collaboration with IDSAI: Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence University of Exeter

Precursor Stage (part-time and online)

Monday–Friday 4–8 September 2023 – Including online workshops, presentations and team building which will prepare participants for the ‘event stage’.

Event Stage (full-time and in-person)

Monday–Friday 11–15 September 2023 – Group work begins on our set Challenge of “Toxin diagnosis by cellular morphology”.

Challenge: Toxin diagnosis by cellular morphology

Diagnosing toxin exposure is not a trivial task, unlike viruses and bacteria that both contain DNA and can be cultured both of which can be used to identify their presence after exposure, toxins do not exhibit either of these properties.

The Data Study Group will focus on a proof of concept challenge, utilising data from a published manuscript. We would like to see if it is possible to utilise the morphology of the cell to identify if it has been exposed to toxin. Cell exposure data collected by imaging flow cytometry over a 48 hour time course can be used in this challenge, with ground truth populations available for both toxin exposed vs unexposed cells. This data is an excellent resource for a proof of concept tool to diagnose toxin exposure. Participants will be split into two groups: one focusing on the analysis of images and one focusing on characteristics that can be extracted from the dataset. Participants in both groups can utilise any methodology they see fit to complete this task.

The application deadline is noon on Monday 10 July 2023.

Written by Jade Hayes

Jade is Impact & Partnership Development Manager, and Project Manager for the Defence Data Research Centre (DDRC) which is part of the UK Government’s Defence AI Strategy and Defence AI Centre. Awarded through competition and operating under the SERAPIS framework, the DDRC comprises a consortium led by the University of Exeter, supported by the Universities of Liverpool and Surrey, and the Digital Catapult.

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