Digital Transformation Defined

19 June 2023

African woman sit at workplace desk holds cellphone staring at laptop, synchronize data between computer and gadget in office, use corporate devices and business application, plan work, use organizer


Talk by Alan Brown

Progress in digital transformation in many organizations is hampered by an important failing: The scope and boundaries of digital transformation are not well defined. In this short talk, we consider how to define digital transformation and look at the results of recent research papers investigating the key elements of successful digital transformation.

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Written by Jack Ryan-Phillips

As the Web Marketing Officer at the Defence Data Research Centre (DDRC), Jack leverages his expertise in website design and communications to facilitate the effective dissemination of academic and research content. In his role, he works collaboratively with DDRC's academic and research staff, ensuring that their ideas are effectively communicated through various digital platforms, including the website, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Data Study Group

Delivering Digital Transformation: Understanding Data and Data-Driven Innovation