Does using an AI tool like ChatGPT really make much of a difference to the tasks people perform?

This is potentially a “very big deal”……

For the last several months, I been part of a team of social scientists working with Boston Consulting Group, turning their offices into the largest pre-registered experiment on the future of professional work in our AI-haunted age. The first working paper was out earlier this week. There is a ton of important and useful nuance in the paper but let me tell you the headline first: for 18 different tasks selected to be realistic samples of the kinds of work done at an elite consulting company, consultants using ChatGPT-4 outperformed those who did not, by a lot. On every dimension. Every way we measured performance.

Read more and download the full paper.

Written by Jade Hayes

Jade is Impact & Partnership Development Manager, and Project Manager for the Defence Data Research Centre (DDRC) which is part of the UK Government’s Defence AI Strategy and Defence AI Centre. Awarded through competition and operating under the SERAPIS framework, the DDRC comprises a consortium led by the University of Exeter, supported by the Universities of Liverpool and Surrey, and the Digital Catapult.


Adoption of AI in UK firms – and the consequences for jobs