Future of Decision-Making

24 July 2023

Happy senior old korean businesswoman discussing online project on laptop with african american male colleague, working together in pairs at shared workplace, analyzing electronic documents.


DDRC hosted three US visitors (David Hoyt and Brad Boyd from Stanford, and Nand Mulchandani, CTO CIA). The events included two panels (one hosted by DAIC and one hosted by DDRC) and a House of Lords Reception.

Written by Jack Ryan-Phillips

As the Web Marketing Officer at the Defence Data Research Centre (DDRC), Jack leverages his expertise in website design and communications to facilitate the effective dissemination of academic and research content. In his role, he works collaboratively with DDRC's academic and research staff, ensuring that their ideas are effectively communicated through various digital platforms, including the website, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Internal Synthetic Data Workshop

WiFi routers can see people through walls. Here’s how it works