Towards a Sustainable UK Defence Sector: Leveraging capability

James MacGregor, Strategic Advisor

In “Towards a Sustainable UK Defence Sector,” James MacGregor delves deeper into sustainability within the UK’s defence operations. He advocates for a circular economy, highlighting its efficiency: “This approach not only reduces waste but also maximizes resource efficiency.”

MacGregor underscores the crucial role of data and digital transformation in advancing sustainability, emphasising that “Leadership at all levels needs to champion… the integration of environmental considerations into defence outputs.”

The whitepaper provides a thorough analysis of the challenges and opportunities in integrating sustainability in defence, stressing the need for a strategic, data-driven approach.

For a detailed exploration, the full whitepaper is recommended.

James MacGregor

A strategic advisor renowned for his work in sustainable economic decisions, spanning innovation, sustainable finance, and energy transition. He is an industry Fellow at Exeter Business School and serves on advisory boards for impact investing firms.

Written by Jade Hayes

Jade is Centre Manager and Impact & Partnership Development Manager for the Defence Data Research Centre (DDRC). The DDRC is part of the UK Government’s Defence AI Strategy and Defence AI Centre. Awarded through competition and operating under the SERAPIS framework, the DDRC comprises a consortium led by the University of Exeter, supported by the Universities of Liverpool and Surrey, and the Digital Catapult. Jade is particularly interested in enabling meaningful societal progression, and securing communities.

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