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A conversation with Gen. David Allvin, Chief of Staff for the U.S Air Force

In the rapidly evolving world of Defence, data management, and sector modernisation, staying informed and ahead is crucial. Highlighted by James Herbert -DDRC Expert Panellist-, the recent episode of the “War on the Rockspodcast is an invaluable resource for those keen on these topics. The episode features General David Allvin, who discusses innovative learning styles and personalised training methods within the U.S. Air Force.

The focus? Understanding, tracking, and utilising data effectively.

General Allvin’s conversation is more than just an academic discussion. It’s a dive into how data-driven approaches are reshaping the Defence sector. In today’s complex geopolitical landscape, modernising leadership, culture, supply chain, and capabilities for efficient data exploitation is not merely a managerial task – it’s a necessity for survival.

Moreover, the podcast highlights an essential truth: no matter how advanced the training and education may be, it falls short without the right platforms and tools accessible to those who need them.

This point was also emphasised by George Carter and James Herbert during their interview at the Think Digital Partners, Thinking Digital for Government event in December.

For anyone responsible for strategically advancing data in complex organisations, these resources are not just informative; they’re essential. Dive into these insightful discussions and explore how data is revolutionising Defence:

Embrace the journey of understanding how data is becoming the backbone of modern Defence strategies.


Written by Alan Brown

Prof. Alan Brown has been delivering impact as an entrepreneur and in business for over 30 years, working in start-ups and large enterprises to enable software delivery to power business transformation. He is also a university professor, researcher, coach, and trusted adviser to C-level executives in the public and private sector. He has written several books on enterprise software delivery and digital transformation, and holds a Professorship in Digital Economy at the University of Exeter, UK and is a Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute, the UK National institute for data science and AI.

In his capacity as the Deputy Director of the Defence Data Research Centre (DDRC) and serving as the Principal Investigator (PI) for the Data Management division within the DDRC's research program, Alan is actively engaged in a multifaceted research agenda. His responsibilities include investigating contemporary best practices in data management for artificial intelligence and decision-making, conducting a comprehensive review of existing data management practices within select areas of the Ministry of Defence (MoD), and undertaking a needs analysis aimed at informing the requirements of data architects and managers in the context of AI and decision-making processes.

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